Vanillaware shares more Unicorn Overlord details, including characters and overworld mechanics

See more of the allies who will join your cause.

Unicorn Overlord

Atlus and Vanillaware have shared more details about Unicorn Overlord, the latter’s new game with a strange name. But going off the screens and details we got today, it’s worth looking beyond just the title.

Revealed during a Nintendo Direct earlier this year, Unicorn Overlord is the latest from Vanillaware, the studio behind games like 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, Odin Sphere, and GrimGrimoire. Its strategy roots are especially notable here, as Unicorn Overlord looks to be a mix of fantasy tactics and strategy.

The general thrust is that you, as exiled prince Alain, are gaining allies to help in your fight against a general who’s stolen your throne. It has a mix of an overworld and zoomed-in battles, with squads of units that can traverse the world.

Allies joining the cause

A big part of today’s reveal is a new bundle of allies joining the cause. From the upstanding fighters taking Alain’s side in the coming war, to a spy and witch of the swamp, it’s a colorful cast to be sure.

Adorned in blue, there’s the spear-toting Chloe, brave Clive, and the bulky Hodrick. Then there’s Melisandre, head of House Meillet and trained as heir and swordswoman alike; Travis, a clandestine spy; and Yahna, a witch.

Fighting for the world of Fevrith

Taking place on the continent of Fevrith, Unicorn Overlord looks to have a lot of overworld management alongside its tactical elements. Events and quests can pop up, and resources can be sent back to cities and forts you’ve brought under your control.

There’s also rebuilding efforts, garrisoning units, and training through mock battles. You can even mine for resources. It’s a fairly decent amount of management to do, and it looks pretty intriguing too.

Unicorn Overlord overworld
Image via Atlus

I’m admittedly pretty into this game, for a few reasons. For one, I’m always down to check out what Vanillaware is up to. The studio has surprised me over and over again, and I’m interested to see what they’ll do next after the relative success of 13 Sentinels.

Unicorn Overlord entering combat
Image via Atlus

But also, this looks like a Vanillaware take on the overworld RPG style of games like Heroes of Might and Magic. The mix of tactics, broader strategy, and Vanillaware art is all intriguing enough to make Unicorn Overlord one to watch out for, once 2024 gets underway.

Unicorn Overlord is due out on March 8, 2024 for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Switch.

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