Van Damme meets The Matrix in Clustertruck

Stupid, fun, stupid fun

Have you ever dreamed you were Neo from The Matrix or Jean-Claude Van Damme doing some epic splits? Well if you combined those two things you’d have Clustertruck, the hot new truck-hopping game taking the Internet by storm.

The concept is simple: you’re on top of a speeding semi truck surrounded by other trucks, and you’ve got to hop between them as they weave, smash into each other, and crash on your way to the goal. You jump superhuman distances and can slow down time to assist in your task, but mostly you’ll need a whole lot of luck and quick reflexes.

I’ve been playing the alpha of Clustertruck on and off for the past few weeks and it’s a fantastic little game, even in its early state. It starts off pretty simple, almost boringly, with a few easy levels that you can sometimes just coast through by sitting on one truck. But before long, you’re riding trucks over cliffs while jumping in slow motion to land atop another set of trucks crossing your path perpendicularly. Words can’t describe how exciting it is to finally land a jump after trying time and time again. 

I’m currently stuck on a level that has you literally jumping through giant spinning hoops while trucks fall through the air towards other trucks driving on the ground below. If that is hard to picture, I totally understand, and honestly that is a good thing; Clustertruck is a wholly original concept and the kind of stuff I like to see coming from indie developers.

Clustertruck is planned to release in September 2016 on Windows, Mac, Linux, and eventually on PlayStation 4. However, you can grab the alpha right now for Windows.

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