Vampire Survivors crosses over with Among Us on December 18

New survivors will be among us soon.

In what is an odd and pretty funny surprise, Vampire Survivors is getting an Among Us-themed DLC. Titled Emergency Meeting, the DLC sees the survivors teaming up with the Among Us crewmates and fighting alien hordes.

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While Among Us is no stranger to crossovers, especially with other indie titles, Emergency Meeting marks Vampire Survivors‘ first crossover DLC. It’s expansive too, adding eight playable characters, 15 weapons, and a new stage called Polus Replica.

As with the base game and other paid DLCs, Emergency Meeting is pretty affordable at $2.50. Fans won’t have to wait long to play it either as it comes out on December 18 for PC and Xbox Series consoles.

Alongside the blog post announcing the DLC, a trailer went live on poncle’s YouTube page. It’s pretty amazing, as several Vampire Survivors characters are transported to space and meet the Among Us cast. What ensures is a team-up to fend off thousands of angry aliens with planet-destroying powers.

It only slightly exaggerates the gameplay loop in Vampire Survivors, but it exemplifies the power trip that begins when equipped with all possible upgrades in a run. Honestly, I would have been happy with the crossover being just the trailer. An entire DLC paired with it is just the icing on the cake.

As unexpected as this crossover is, it looks like an absolute blast. This alongside patch 1.8 adding the narrative-based Adventures mode means Vampire Survivors fans are getting a significant amount of new content to chew through.

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