A Vampire Survivors animated series is in the works

Vampire Survivors

It’s about to get garlicky

Video game adaptations are all the rage, and Vampire Survivors is now joining the trend. Developer poncle’s ever-evolving auto-fighting survival game has an animated series in the works.

Via Deadline, poncle’s founder Luca Galante is partnering with Story Kitchen, the company working on other game adaptations like SifuStreets of Rage, and more. Founded by John Wick writer and creator Derek Kolstad, Sonic the Hedgehog film and TV producer Dmitri M. Johnson, and former APA agent and partner Mike Goldberg, Story Kitchen is certainly tackling a decent amount of video game adaptations. Games consulting agency Robot Teddy will also be supporting the show.

As for what the show will be about? Well, that’s still a bit unclear.

“The most important thing in Vampire Survivors is the story, so it’s a dream come true to see what started as a little indie game I made on my weekends come to life as an animated TV show!” Gallante said in a press release. “It’s also great to be partnering up with such experienced and talented people to make the show. I do wonder if they’ve realised that there isn’t a single vampire in Vampire Survivors, though.”

The release confirms that, just like the game, the actual existence of vampires has not been confirmed.

Adapting the Survivors

Normally I’d be wary, but it seems like poncle and Gallante are keeping a bit of fun mixed in with the whole project. Seeing as Vampire Survivors draws heavily on past works like Castlevania, it’s hard not to see the potential; but I’m also curious to see how those ideas play out, and look any different, in a Survivors series.

As long as there’s some solid garlic jokes, though, I’ll probably be along for the ride. Vampire Survivors was a surprise hit that’s kept growing with time, and I can’t say I’m not curious to see what this team does with their very own series adaptation.

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