Valve wants every game in history on Steam

Valve’s Gabe Newell has disclosed some of his company’s ambitious plans for the future of Steam, a future that actually involves the past. The PC game service has some large retro scheming in mind, as Newell himself revealed.

“…I expect we’ll go back in time and eventually pretty much every game that’s ever been available will be on there 24/7,” confidently claimed Newell. When asked about old LucasArt’s games, he was similarly eager.  “Sure, those are some great games. I mean there are some real problems, where the waters are muddied and companies have gone out of business. That makes things difficult.”

Newell hints that he would like game developers to take a look at their roots rather than try and copy “the flavor of the month,” and stated that playing old PC games, the kind that got he and many others into game development, was refreshing.

I can’t think of a single valid argument as to why bringing back old adventure games and giving them a second life on Steam is a bad idea. In fact, anybody who would complain about such plans should be considered a pariah and a traitor to the crown, and should be executed in the town square at midday. So it has been decreed, so it shall be so. 

[With thanks to Aerox]

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