Valve talks Left 4 Dead DLC, the possibility of a demo

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Yes, Valve’s co-op-fueled zombiefest, Left 4 Dead, will be playable at PAX, but what are those of us who aren’t attending the convention to do?

While it’s true we don’t need a demo to show us how great the game is going to be, how can we be expected to wait until November to satisfy our lust for horror? As it turns out, we may not have to.

Valve’s Mike Booth told ButtonMasher that an Xbox 360 demo is “quite likely,” but he doesn’t “know the specifics of it.”

In response to the question of DLC, Mike comments that Valve will continue to make content similar to what’s been done with Counter Strike and Team Fortress 2, but “how that will work out on the 360, with Microsoft’s process, remains to be seen.”

It sounds to me like Microsoft wants Valve to charge points for its DLC, but Valve doesn’t want to swing that way. While there’s no guarantee we’ll see a L4D demo, I’m going to tell myself there is so I’ll sleep better tonight; I suggest you do the same.

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