Valve rolls out major Steam redesign

Promises better discoverability and more customization

As a platform, Steam hasn’t been able to keep up with the rate at which new games are coming out — there were more than 1,300 releases in the last nine months alone, says Valve — but today’s so-called Discovery update intends to address that while also making everything more blue.

The home page now offers a feed of game recommendations (keep scrolling down, and down, and then down some more) and further customization. For instance, if you want, you can opt out of seeing Steam Early Access titles or games only available for pre-purchase in certain banners.

Users can create lists of games that are worth checking out as “Curators,” a feature Valve’s Gabe Newell spoke of some time ago. (Will it eventually be monetized?) There’s also a personalized Discovery queue to sift through and more in-depth search tools.

Valve’s overview of the new storefront and the list of changes can be found here.

Jordan Devore
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