Valve puts ambitious FPS The Crossing ‘on hold’

A scant handful of you may recall a very unique shooter from Valve and Arkane Studios known as The Crossing. It was quite an ambitious little game that attempted to blend single player and multiplayer modes into one experience, allowing human players to take on the role of generic enemies and tackle a playable main character. It sounds like a logistical nightmare, but for the time being we won’t get to see if it ever worked, because the poor game has been put on ice.

“We ran into an unexpected financial challenge some months ago and we had to put The Crossing on hold,” explains Arkane CEO Raphael Colantonio. The financial challenge is said to be the recent wave of layoffs over at Electronic Arts, as EA had been providing support to Arkane to get the game developed. Without that support, the game can’t get made. 

That’s a shame. The Crossing could have gone spectacularly wrong, but it may also have worked out stunningly well. Unfortunately, the game could never get that chance to succeed or fail. Although there’s hope that Arkane could drag the game back into the realm of the living at some point in the future, it’s not often we see a shelved title return from the dead.

Jim Sterling