Valve defends Left 4 Dead 2

The melodrama over Left 4 Dead 2 continues apace. When we last left the story, a protest group had started on Steam, which now has over 17,000 people in it, promising not to buy the game.  In response, Valve has come out of the woodwork to defend the game’s release, claiming it was too big to be DLC, and that the first game won’t simply be abandoned.

“It was just like, OK, this is big enough that this isn’t DLC, we’re not going to be able to leak it out. It’s a cohesive, single thing. It’s Left 4 Dead 2,” claims Valve’s Chet Faliszek. “… Left 4 Dead one, we still aren’t done with it. We still have updates coming. Our focus is always on what we’re putting in the box, put as much as we can in the box. Let’s not worry about: let’s save that and not put that in the game. No, let’s put that in. And with the five campaigns, all of them out of the box, playable Versus, co-op, Survival and the new mode, there’s just a ton of content in there.”

What I heard on the E3 showfloor has been verified, with Chet saying that the original L4D will still be supported. This of course undermines one of the biggest complaints about the sequel, that L4D wouldn’t get all its promised content. Now it will. So, those people crying over the sequel will be able to keep playing Left 4 Dead and not clog up the L4D2 servers with their incessant whining. 

Everybody wins!

Jim Sterling