Valve briefly talks about its old submarine game

On an episode of the Steamcast, Valve co-founder Gabe Newell got into talking about some of the company’s older, unreleased titles. Did you know that in the early days, there was going to be a sub game?

“Even further back than Prospero, the other game that Mike [Harrington] and I were talking about before we’d even had anybody other than us working on it was a submarine game.”

“Mike was absolutely certain there was an opportunity to create fantastic underwater visuals and gameplay, so if people want to know the even furtherest back thing we have haven’t gotten around to shipping yet it would have to be the unnamed submarine game,” reveals Newell.

This is almost as good as Valve’s canned fairy RPG. Almost.

Episode #47: Gabe Newell 2011 Interview, Part 1 [Steamcast via CVG]

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