Valve banning innocent Modern Warfare 2 players?

We’ve been getting a ton of emails from disgruntled Steam gamers who claim that Valve’s Anti Cheat bans have been selecting and booting innocent players over alleged infractions in Modern Warfare 2. The Steam forums are currently filled with angry threads from gamers purporting their innocence, no longer able to play the latest Call of Duty

Of course, the only people claiming that these bans were unfair are the people have been banned, so we’ve only got their word for it. However, the sheer volume of people who have been targeted by Valve Anti Cheat and claimed innocence since July 19 seems to indicate that a very real problem is apparent. 

So far, Valve hasn’t responded, with forum reps only saying that there’s nothing to be done. Those who have been hit by VAC would need to repurchase the game in order to play it again, and a number of angry Steam users have created a group to voice their outrage at the situation. 

In any case, this might be something that Valve needs to look into before it gets worse.

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