Valve announces Half-Life yard sale: 66% off!

If you’re stuck at home with no plans this weekend, things may be looking up more than you think. Steam just announced that they’re having a sale this weekend, with everything Half-Life-related selling for 66% off and the Valve Complete Pack selling for 10% off (by the way, the latter includes 3 Counter-Strike titles, 2 Day of Defeat games, Left 4 Dead, Portal, Richochet, both versions of Team Fortress and just about every Half-Life ever made). As RetroforceGO’s Topher Cantler would say, ladies and gentlemen, we are having a yard sale.

The complete pack is $89 with the discount, but if that’s too rich for your tastes, you can snag stuff like Half-Life 2 for $6.79 and the Half-Life complete pack for $16.99. Those are some seriously solid savings, and as you may already be aware, the Half-Life series comes with a big fat stamp of approval from Dtoid. Check it out if you need a new game to discover.

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