Valve announces 24-player Dota matches, and it’s as crazy as it sounds

10v10 showed off at TI5 all star game

The was major buzz surrounding this year’s all star match at The International 5. Aside from pitting the best Dota players in the world against each other, there has been a history of major announcements at the match. Last year, Techies were announced, but this year instead of opting to show off a new hero, Valve showed off something completely new.

Matches in Dota (and almost every MOBA) have been 5v5 ever since the game’s creation, but starting next week players will be able to form teams up to 12 players on each side. The all star match, pitted 20 Dota players against each other, and it turned into pure chaos even before creeps spawned. The VOD can be found below, but be warned – even if you follow Dota 2 it’s pretty incomprehensible.

The match starts at about ten hours and five minutes in below.

Ben Pack