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Valve adds official feature for customizing Steam Deck startup movies

It’s also on sale for the Spring Sale

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Valve is celebrating one whole year since the launch of its portable gaming device, the Steam Deck. Part of that is an update that makes an already-popular modding practice official: Steam Deck startup movies.

When you boot the Steam Deck, it plays a fun little movie, as most consoles and game devices do. Deck tinkerers quickly discovered, though, that you could go into the files of the Steam Deck and alter what played for the start-up.

Originally, Valve acknowledged this with a little Beta update, expanding the possible maximum length of boot videos from 10 to 30 seconds. But in a new update, Valve is making that functionality official.

The Steam Deck manufacturer is also putting up some startup movie options of its own. You can find the new items in the Points Shop over here. There’s everything from a Turret Factory to papercraft and a flashing, form-changing one that feels reminiscent of Everything Everywhere All At Once.

All hands on Deck

Additionally, as part of the birthday festivities, the Steam Deck is currently 10% off. This sale will last through the duration of the currently ongoing Steam Spring Sale, up until March 23 at 10 a.m. PT. And even if you have one right now, the Sale is a good chance to get a bundle of Verified games for your Deck.

It’s been a heck of a launch year for the Steam Deck. Where other Valve devices like the Steam Machine struggled in the past, the Steam Deck seems to have really found its footing in the general gaming hardware space. I know I use mine pretty often, and it’s been a lifesaver when travelling. Here’s to another year of Steam Deck.

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