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Valkyrie Elysium brings its epic fantasy to PlayStation and PC this fall

No sign of Tessa Thompson though

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Square Enix has announced that it will release its upcoming fantasy action-adventure Valkyrie Elysium this fall. The Soleil-developed RPG will arrive on PlayStation platforms September 29, with a PC release to follow a little over a month later on November 11.

The latest release in the long-running Valkyrie/Valkyrie Profile series, Valkyrie Elysium will feature all of the deep adventure and Norse mythology that is the franchise’s trademark. The plot sees the coming of Ragnarok, the cataclysmic event fated to destroy the world, the gods, and civilization itself. With the end times looming, the mighty Odin creates a sole emissary, Valkyrie, who stands as the final opposition to the collapse of the kingdom of the gods.

Valkyrie Elysium will incorporate the series’ trademark “Einherjar” spirit battles, while adding all-new mechanics such as the “Soul Chain” combo system. As they embark upon their quest, players will be able to further customize their weaponry, gear, and abilities to access more powerful spirits, skills, and devastating “Divine Arts.” Valkyrie Elysium will retain the series’ pedigree for beautiful and sweeping worlds, punctuated by an evocative score from series veteran composer Motoi Sakuraba.

Valkyrie Elysium will launch on PlayStation September 29, with PC (Steam) to follow on November 11. The PlayStation version of the Deluxe Digital Edition will also include a brand new port of the 1999 PSP release Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth. The PC release will not, unfortunately, include this port.

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