Valkyria Chronicles is coming to PC!


[Update: Sega has confirmed the PC release of Valkyria Chronicles.]

Sega appears to have a PC port of Valkyria Chronicles in the works, according to a recent rating listed by European classification authority PEGI.

The tactical role-playing game initially released on PlayStation 3 in 2008, and garnered a cult following on the back of its lush, watercolor-like visuals and imaginative combat system. While by no means a chart topper, Valkyria Chronicles was a modest success, leading to a pair of sequels on PSP, the second of which (tragically) never made it out of Japan.

Valkyria Chronicles draws inspiration from World War II, taking place in a small, peaceful nation caught up in a conflict between two neighboring superpowers. The series focuses on small ragtag groups of soldiers who, against all odds, always seem to find a way to repel the invaders spilling over their borders.

Hopefully the game finds a new audience on PC, because it sure would be nice to see Sega make (and localize!) a few more of these wonderful, beautifully awesome things.

Valkyria Chronicles [PEGI – Thanks, Jake]

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