Valkyria Chronicles 4 launches in Japan and unveils Season Pass

Bash at the Beach

There’s a famous saying that only two things in life are certain: “Death and Taxes”. But I’m really starting to think that the idiom needs updating to “Death and Passes”.

Sega have revealed a Season Pass for their upcoming strategy warfare game Valkyria Chronicles 4. Buying the Pass enables the player to receive a selection of post-release DLC content, which will take the Federation Army and their battalion of tanks to the sea-side, among other locations.

Four new scenarios will be added to the main campaign: Squad E to the Sea! (March 29), Captainless Squad E (April 5), The Two Valkyrias (April 19), and the amazingly titled Raid Battle Hard EX! (April 12) Several of these scenarios can only be playing after reaching designated points in the main campaign. Completing Squad E to the Sea will also unlock beachwear for Riley, Minerva, Claude, Kai and Raz, perfect for frontline warfare.

It is undeniably unfortunate that all four scenarios have release dates within a month of the game’s Japanese launch date, as it reeks of “Cut-out content”. However, such matters are sadly no longer a surprise. The Season Pass will be available alongside today’s Japanese release, and is priced at ¥4,000, or around $38.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 launches in Japan today on PS4 and Summer on Nintendo Switch. It is scheduled for release in the West on PS4, Xbox One and Switch later in 2018, with a recent rumour pointing to October 16.

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