Valkyria Chronicles 2 is looking damned good on the PSP

Making Valkyria Chronicles portable could seem like a step down to some, but the PSP is always on my person, and I’d love to think that I could have something even fractionally as amazing as Valkyria Chronicles was in the system, to play on-the-go. I wasn’t going in expecting the game to look anything like the lush, watercolored PS3 title, but I think these new videos of VC2’s game play look pretty good.

Two new videos from the lovely Japanese website for the game show the Scout and Assault Infantry on the move. As you can see, the painted look doesn’t carry over as well. To be fair, this is web video. What’s important is that the game play translates, and from the looks of it, all that we need to enjoy a sequel is there. I can’t wait to get my hands on this.

From the looks of the page, there will be other videos unlocked soon. We’ll keep you posted.

[via psphyper]

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