Valkyria: Azure Revolution is back for more with a new demo after fan feedback

October 6 in Japan

Sega is trying again with the “2.0” demo for Valkyria: Azure Revolution.

As it turns out, taking a storied strategic franchise and plopping tons of action elements into it might polarize fans, so the developers have tweaked a bunch of stuff in the hopes that people will have a better reaction this time around.

Here’s the thing though, you need have to gone to any number of Japanese on-location events to get codes, including TGS, a Shinjuku event on October 8, or by mere virtue of having access to 1.0. So don’t expect to just log into the PSN with your Japanese account when the demo actually goes live on October 6, but you can bet there will be tons of video available to peruse though.

The full game is out on January 19, 2017 in Japan on PS4 and Vita, so they don’t have much time left for many major alterations.

Azure Revolution [Sega via Siliconera]

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