Valis is the latest old-school franchise to tease a possible comeback

The high-school valkyrie returns

Telenet Japan’s classic adventure Valis is the latest in a long line of retro franchises considering lacing up the boots one more time. The action-adventure series, which will see its 35 anniversary in 2021, has just received a shiny new website in Japan, complete with the potential teasing of a brand new entry.

Originally launching on the PC-88 and MSX home computers in 1986, Valis: The Fantasm Soldier, told the story of a modern-age schoolgirl – Yuko Asou – who is designated by fate to protect three spiritual realms from invading monsters. Shocked by this dimension-hopping revelation, young Yuko nevertheless picks up the legendary sword “Valis” and heads into battle against the demon lord, Rogles.

While Valis itself is fairly clunky and rudimentary, it has been praised for its surprisingly layered story, use of cinematic cut-scenes, and great, old-school soundtrack. Valis would be followed by no less than five sequels in the ensuing years – appearing on PC, Famicom, Mega Drive, and FM-77 – before finally an unfortunate comeback as hentai series Valis X in 2006.

Still, with Valis’ 35th anniversary on the horizon, a swanky new website, and the current trend of long, forgotten game series making a comeback, there is a strong possibility that Yuko might be donning the armor and taking it to nightmare-inducing monsters once again – proving, as if proof was ever needed, that you can’t keep a good gal down.

Super Valis IV will be joining the SNES: Nintendo Switch Online app on December 18.

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