Vader in The Force Unleashed: Choking Wookiees has never looked so good

Sure, Darth Vader has been a playable character in games prior to Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Let’s not forget that PS3 owners will have the chance to control him even before The Force Unleashed is released, by picking up Soul Calibur IV this Summer.

But, when was the last time you got to massacre Wookiees with the Sith Lord himself by using his plethora of Force powers? Though it may only be for the first level of the game, you’ll be able to do just that come this September.

Every new screen, trailer, and bit of info surrounding The Force Unleashed has me salivating over the game. I’m already sold on the concept, so please, LucasArts, keep the content coming!

Jordan Devore
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