Uwe Boll thinks he’s the ‘right guy to do’ Grand Theft Auto film

You know what the world doesn’t need? Uwe Boll making any more films based on videogames. I mean, I love the guy, but enough with the game films already. But how about Boll making a Grand Theft Auto film?

Grand Theft Auto would be super interesting for me,” he tells New York Magazine, “and I think I would actually be the right guy to do it, because my movies are all bloody and violent and I don’t have a problem with action scenes.”

But he’s a realist and seems convinced it’ll never happen … at least with him behind the lens.

“But look, they will go, in the end, with a Michael Bay,” he says, name-checking his arch-nemesis, “or a Brett Ratner, and it will be a PG-13 movie made for $150 million. I think it would be better to make a $30 million, very hard, brutal movie without compromising, but I’m not optimistic.”

Does anyone really think a highly secretive and protective company like Rockstar would let Hollywood rape their lucrative series? Besides, Ron Howard already wrote, directed, and starred in a Grand Theft Auto movie in 1977. So I say to the whole idea: OLD.

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