Uwe Boll snaps up film license for unreleased game: Facepalm ensues

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Love him or hate him, one can’t deny Uwe Boll’s determination to make movies in the face of life itself telling him he can’t. As if to further prove his dominion over the forces of common sense, Lord Boll has now decided to make movies of games that don’t even exist yet. Legend: Hand of God is a PC action RPG that isn’t going to see a Stateside release until 2008 but even still, Uwe Duwe Doo has snatched himself the movie rights. Time was, we waited for videogames to become respectable franchises before we wrecked their legacy with awful movie adaptations. I guess Boll’s merely cutting out the middle man this time around.

Boll justified his new purchase by talking about the game he couldn’t have played yet. “I think Legend will be very successful because of its unique blend of high fantasy and dark atmosphere,” Boll explained. “The world of Legend contains major crossover potential and was already adapted as novel and audio book.” I have to say I find it sad that I know more about the game than I did before thanks to, of all people, Uwe Boll. That said, I knew nothing of this game before now anyway.

[Three cheers to the Donut boy] 

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