Uwe Boll graces G4 studios, reminds us why we need him to continue on

Following up his no holds barred rant on the Internet, the man who has somehow managed to do the seemingly impossible (get even less respect than Rodney Dangerfield), gives Kevin Pereira the down and dirty about why he said what he did. The bottom line? His upcoming movie, Postal, will be hitting US theaters on May 23rd. As Boll sees it, nobody’s lining up to further his film career, so a little controversial PR is called for.

I still very much enjoy the chain-cursing wild side of Boll, who makes grand statements and boasts — like Postal besting Indiana Jones at the box office — but it’s nice to see the good natured (and much calmer) side of him in this interview. We don’t think anyone is going to say that he’s the next Steven Spielberg, but I’ll go on record as saying that we need people like Uwe Boll to keep Hollywood straight.

For every cookie-cutter movie and the endless sequels trying to desperately hold on to past glory, along comes Uwe Boll to remind us that we needn’t take everything so damn seriously. I signed that Pro-Boll petition, Mr. Dangerfield (signature number 2857). You have my respect.