Use your Wii to download DS demos, hopefully not a Japan-only feature

As the we comb through the news coming out of the Fall 2007 Nintendo Conference in Japan, we seem to hearing about more goodies as the day goes on, and the latest bit we’ve found brings some details of an upcoming DS demo download service for the Wii.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced that the Japanese will soon have the ability to grab DS game demos from their Nintendo Wii. Before this, DS owners would have to seek out a DS download station to get demos, and those demos would disappear after the system was shut down. Now they’ll be able to get countless demos from the comfort of their own homes, not having to worry about the power-down deletion anymore.

We’re not sure if this feature is Japan-only or not. Hopefully Nintendo can help us move closer to our dream of never leaving the house again. 

[via Game|Life — thanks, JV] 

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