US antitrust authorities greenlight potential EA/T2 merger

The Electronic Arts/Take-Two fiasco seems to have gone quiet while the two companies have little secret chats (and possibly make out) but that doesn’t mean things have gone completely silent. It has become apparent that, should Take-Two become assimilated into the EA machine, there would be no contest from the Federal Trade Commission. 

The FTC conducted an investigation of the possible merger of the two companies and wrote to them both declaring them that no action was to be taken, at least for now. Right now, the investigation is closed and it seems that a possible merger has the green light. 

At this point, EA and Take-Two need to either sh*t or get off the pot. Either they merge or they stay seperate forever. So long as I get my bloody Celebrity Sports Showdown and Sims: Sponsored By Nike In Association With Doritos Edition, I don’t care, damn it!

James Stephanie Sterling