Update:Dress up as Red Riding Hood and win some Little Red Riding Hood BBQ swag!

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 [UPDATE! The contest has now been opened to all countries! Get your costumes on!]

I think the idea of Little Red Riding Hood getting bitchy and badass and blowing away zombies is cool as hell, and I’ve made no secret of that here on Destructoid. When I met Destineer at PAX, they respected my rabid enthusiasm for the game and suggested we give away some goodies to you fine people, and I thought the least I could do was comply.

If you want to win one of our five swag packs, each containing a copy of Little Red Riding Hood BBQ DS and a poster signed by the creators of the game (check out an image of it unsigned in the gallery), the challenge is simple: leave a comment on this post with a picture of yourself dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. If you’ve blanked out on what she looks like, you can either refer to Niero’s “creative” interpretation above or make up your own. Be clever but clean: no nipples or wangs showing, please.

The contest will run through September 30th, is limited to one entry per person, and is open to all countries. If you’re thinking “but I can’t do that, that’s embarrassing”, you’re quite right about the latter, but all wrong on the former — you can do it. Just put on your best sense of humor and imagine the Big Bad Wolf hulking in the shadows waiting for you…

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