(Update) Yakuza 6’s Prologue demo is now available

The beginning of the end

[Update: Anyone looking for the Yakuza 6 demo and wondering why they can’t find it can now rest easy. Sega delivered what they promised, but there was an exploit in that some users were given access to the full game instead of just a trial. Why this probably happened is that the demo was actually the full game installation with most of the game locked out. This was more than likely done to ensure compatibility with save files in the final version, which is launching in mid-April.

If the final game is ready, though, then why the delay? I would guess a production issue with manufacturing physical copies. Sega probably didn’t want people to get a head start on the digital version and spoil the game for anyone, but that seems to have gone out the window.]

Yakuza 6’s prologue demo is now available to download from the PlayStation store. It includes the prologue and a small section of the first chapter as well as letting you carry your save data into the full game. Since the demo is 36 gb (jesus), I’m guessing this is actually just the full game installation to make sure the save data has compatibility with the final game.

This demo is to make up for the delay that was announced earlier this month. While it sucks that we’ll have to wait longer to actually play the final game, at least getting a head start on the opening chapter is nice. I honestly wish more demos would do something like this, since they tend to just be marketing nonsense more than anything.

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