(Update) World’s End Club is a new dose of weirdness from Danganronpa creator

Surprisingly, it’s about doomed kids

[Update: Kotaro Uchikoshi has taken to Twitter to clarify that the Apple Arcade edition of World’s End Club does not feature the complete story. While the director says the game in its current state has around 10 hours of playtime, it has a clear “cliffhanger” moment. Uchikoshi states that the concluding chapter will launch around the time of the Switch release in 2021.]

Izanagi Games launches a brand new title today on Apple Arcade. World’s End Club has been created by Zero Escape director Kotaro Uchikoshi and is written by Danganronpa head honcho Kazutaka Kodaka.

World’s End Club boasts a storyline that will come as no shock to fans of the Danganronpa franchise, as an ill-fated school trip leaves a cast of bizarre and off-the-wall teens fighting for their lives. The surreal events begin in a *checks notes* underwater theme park, before the action relocates to a madcap cross-country tour of Japan, as the kids battle strange enemies with their newly discovered super-powers. Yep.

It all looks suitably nuts, as one would expect from the macabre minds of Uchikoshi and Kodaka. While World’s End Club is currently only available on Apple Arcade, it should be noted that a Nintendo Switch port is in the works, and is expected to arrive in spring 2021.

World’s End Club launches today on Apple Arcade.

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