Update to Rock Band 2 brings new features

If you’ve turned on your 360 to play some Rock Band 2 lately, you may have noticed a new update is available for download. The gang at Harmonix have cooked up some new features for the game and they went online today. Features include the ability to sort your song list by number of stars scored, better handling of hammer-ons and pull-offs and the long-awaited support for wireless microphones (such as the ones which shipped with Lips).

Perhaps most importantly to me as a heavy consumer of DLC, the Music Store now supports background downloading too. Thank God. I would often actually exit Rock Band 2 to download from the Xbox Marketplace simply because I could queue them all up and continue to check out tracks after I’d started one. Adding the functionality to the Music Store is a long-overdue move.

The PS3 version will be getting the update as well, as soon as it finishes Sony’s certification process.

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