(Update) This Zelda: Breath of the Wild Great Flameblade replica is amazing

A frost and thunder version might be coming soon

[Update: Now you can check out a replica of the Great Frost Blade from the same creator below! It’s similarly magnificent, with a glowing plaque to boot. I still love that they have the game right there to showcase how close to the Hyrule version it is.]

We’ve seen a lot of memorable replicas of various Zelda: Breath of the Wild paraphernalia over the past three years or so, but sometimes a unique work still catches my eye.

This particular one is from Redditor thehyliann, showcasing their Great Flameblade life-size replica. While the actual quality of the sword is impressive enough, in the below video they show off how it can actually light up, just like how it glows in the game.

As a reminder, Great Flamblades are incredibly useful weapons that can get you out of a jam in Breath of the Wild: allowing you to burn enemy wooden shields or solve puzzles more easily when they require a flaming touch and you’re out of elemental arrows. The pedestal that thehyliann puts the sword on is reminiscent of the ones that Link uses in his Hateno Village home: which is conveniently on the monitor in the video.

As far how long it took to make, thehyliann says it was around a week’s worth of work. They used wood to make the handle and guard: a process they say that they will probably use again for potential future Frost and Thunder blades. The light is a cathode anode at low voltage; which is triggered by placing the sword on the pedestal.

The first version already sold on their Etsy store!

I made a life size replica of the great flame blade [Reddit]

I made a life size replica of the great flame blade ! from r/Breath_of_the_Wild

I made a life size replica of the Great Flame Blade and now the Great Frost Blade from r/Breath_of_the_Wild

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