(Update) There’s a set of three new Pokemon physical My Nintendo rewards, and they could go fast

Pens, paper, and stickers

[Update: The Pokemon pens are gone!

But Nintendo has also added two Mario 35 rewards into the mix: a “three year journal” and a pencil case. You can find them here.]

In what is becoming a biweekly event, there are now new physical My Nintendo rewards available.

Following the recent Bravely Default II reversible poster, Nintendo just dumped three new physical Pokemon rewards into the mix: a set of four ball point pens (with the three Pokemon Sword and Shield starters, as well as Pikachu), a Pokemon Sword and Shield memo pad, and a Pokemon Sword and Shield sticker set. You can grab them for 500, 400, and 500 Platinum Points each respectively.

The pens come in a 6″x3″ package for reference, and the note pad is 6″x4″x1/8″. The sticker set includes “two sheets featuring Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble,” and clocks in at 11″x7″. Stationary is becoming quite the go-to for My Nintendo, as there’s also an 800 point Mario & Luigi notebook available, as well as a Hyrule Warriors memo pad (which is a little bigger and 200 more platinum to compensate).

While stationary generally stays in stock for a while, by and large it does disappear over time. My guess is the extreme popularity of Pokemon could result in at least the pens selling out relatively soon.

If you need some quick points, remember to check out our guide!

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