(Update) There’s a Mega Man X fan game on the way and it looks pretty rad

‘Maverick Hunter X: Giga Mission’

[Update: The Giga Mission crew states that Capcom has taken the trailer down for unknown reasons. We’ve asked Capcom for comment on the situation and will report back if we hear more.]

YouTube user Ácido Cinza managed to kick off the debut trailer for their fan project just in time for Mega Man X‘s 25th anniversary.

Using Mega Man X4 music to set the tone, the project is basically a souped-up take on the Game Boy Color Xtreme subseries, with PlayStation-era sound effects and enemies spanning the entire X universe. Steel Massimo from Command Mission also makes an appearance, as well as Nástenka (a comics character) and the pirate queen Marty of Rockman X manga fame.

Oh, and the Mother Brain-esque “Limited” from an obscure vending machine card game also makes an appearance. This one is pulling out all of the fan stops! Remember this is a reveal trailer, so the project is likely a ways off.

[Thanks Jeff!]

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