(Update) The Nioh 2 demo broke TGS attendees, as only 5% of players finished it

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You say demo, I say でも

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[Update: The TGS demo in question can be viewed in the video below from PlayStation Access. It takes roughly 10 minutes to complete, including the boss fight.]

The original Nioh could be brutal when it wanted to, especially in the New Game Plus portion. You really need to pick up a few tips and tricks that similar titles don’t force you to learn, as Nioh is first and foremost a fast-paced Team Ninja action romp: if you try to play it like a Souls game, you’re going to get stomped. A lot of people are getting stomped again with the sequel it seems. And it’s not even out!

Due in early 2020, the Nioh 2 demo was on display at TGS for all to see, and the numbers are in: only 5% of folks who played it finished it. This stat comes directly from Tecmo Koei’s Twitter account, where they mused that of the approximate 3,500 attendees that tested the game out, roughly 175 people completed it. Imagine being that guy that has to count that stat because an executive told you to do it for a marketing campaign.

Elements of that build will be available in the open beta kicking off this weekend, so give it a go! Although you’ll assuredly have more time than a lot of panicked and hurried TGS attendees, the challenge still stands.

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