(Update) The Microsoft Store, an always reliable source of leaks, leaked Crysis Remastered details

July 23

[Update: Ask for leaks and you shall receive delays. Or something like that.

Just this morning Crytek has announced that Crysis Remastered has been delayed. We didn’t even get the reveal yet officially, but the below information makes it clear that it was originally set for a July 23 release. Now, the trailer premiere is even getting a delay as the team needs a few weeks for “polish.” Crytek surprisingly openly admits that the backlash for the underwhelming trailer was a reason for the delay, noting that it needs extra time to get the game up to the “PC-console-breaking standard” the series is known for. Good luck!]

It’s been a great summer for people trawling Xbox.com, as they’ve uncovered a veritable treasure trove of “E3” leaks thus far.

As one of a string of leaks, Crysis Remastered info has been revealed ahead of the Wednesday morning official stream. Plain as day, you can head to the Xbox listing for Crysis Remastered now, which showcases several details about the new re-release.

Most notably, it’s arriving very soon on July 23, clocking in at 7.01GB. Although Crytek is listed as the sole developer, Saber Interactive is actually the studio handling the port job, as evidenced in the gameplay trailer that’s perfectly visible at the top of the listing itself.

It seems like 4K Ultra HD and HDR10 is supported on Xbox One, and the description doesn’t stray from confirming that this is a straight remaster with no additional mechanical bells and whistles. Even a new coat of paint isn’t going to suddenly elevate the original Crysis, but at least we know what to expect.

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