(Update) The last major raid of Final Fantasy XIV’s Shadowbringers expansion is coming in December

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[Update: The official site has been updated to provide new context on some of the upcoming patch content. Castrum Marinum, the new trial, will feature Emerald Weapon from Final Fantasy VII: who now joins Ruby Weapon. We’re a few degrees away from a Sepiroth boss battle (hey, Kefka made it in, as did a few other major “final bosses”). Blue Mage will also have its level cap raised to 70 in patch 5.45, and a new large-scale battle, Delubrum Reginae, will be a part of that same “half patch.”]

Final Fantasy XIV‘s Shadowbringers expansion is winding down soon, at least as far as hardcore content comes.

In December (exact date not nailed down yet, as is customary for big patches), 5.4 will arrive, which will bring more main story quests (MSQ), another wing of the Eden raid (Eden’s Promise), another dungeon (Matoya’s Relict), a trial (Castrum Marinum), and extra sidequests (The Sorrow of Werlyt). The Eden raid is the big deal here, which brings the hardcore race for world first alongside of weeks or months of learning raids for casual players. The 24-person NieR storyline is expected to conclude next patch, which will help soothe the wait for the next unannounced expansion.

In terms of other housekeeping stuff, Blue Mage is getting an update, there’s more Ishgardian Restoration shenanigans, another unreal trial is coming, and a bunch of ancillary modes will get new content. Oh, and New Game+ mode is getting more stuff. It’s a typical “big” FFXIV patch that basically transforms the game.

A lot of this will be detailed later, either through a producer stream or via future posts. Square Enix likes to keep a lot of Final Fantasy XIV patch info close to the chest for multiple reasons (economy balance and spoilers).

Patch 5.4 [Final Fantasy XIV]

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