(Update) The first Dark Souls III DLC is called Ashes of Ariandel, is out in October

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[Update #2: It’s official! You can watch the trailer below. The DLC will add one new region (an “unnamed frozen land”), new bosses, armor, weapons, and magic. Dark Souls III‘s second and final add-on is still slated for early 2017.]

[Update: The PlayStation Twitter account jumped the gun and announced “Ashes of Ariandel,” which will launch on October 25 in the west.]

So uh, according to Hachima, Bandai Namco has announced by way of various Japanese gaming magazines that Dark Souls III‘s first DLC (of two total) will consist of items and a PVP-exclusive map called “Immortal Competition” that sports a snow theme. The content includes weapons and magic, an an ice storm spell was shown, as well as a new great sword. No other details were shared.

I’m sure PVP fans are happy, but with the original Dark Souls we got a badass PVE add-on in Artorias that also came with PVP elements. I was under the impression that both announced DLCs would be substantial, but it looks like they might be going the Bloodborne route with one presumed meaty expansion to come.

Then again with the price of the Season Pass at $25, and the first DLC priced out at roughly $10, it’s not like the next add-on can be anything too crazy (Artorias is $14.99, and The Old Hunters is $19.99). More details have yet to come so there could be a PVE zone, and we’ll report back as soon as we hear officially from Bandai Namco or From Software.

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