UPDATE! The Dtoid PAX East community plans for Friday!

WHAT’S UP BOSTON!? Destructoid is all up in Boston right now and it feels like a family reunion. People are hugging, catching up and yelling JASON and SHAUN all over the place! Great times indeed.

So here’s what’s up for Friday. Microsoft and Major Nelson are throwing an Xbox TweetUp meetup from 9:30 to 11:30AM. The event is taking place at Microsoft’s New England Research & Development office and there’s no registration or admission fee! The first 300 people will get some PAX East Avatar gear too.

PAX opens their doors at 2:00PM so we’ll be meeting up at Thortons Cheesecake Factory near Thortons for some brunch at around 12:00PM. At 3:00PM is the Wil Wheaton keynote which many of us will be hitting up.

At 6:30PM is the The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom panel in the Naga theater where I will be getting my pie eating revenge on against 2K. One of the creators of the game and I will be chowing down on a whole pie each after the panel ends and I need your support, community! I’ll be handing out some of our Become t-shirts at that time too.

Update 2: Nevermind! We’re still on for the panel at 6:30PM in the Naga theater. Pie eating will happen at around 7:30PMish.

As for the shirts, I’ll be handing them out at our meetup at Uno later tonight. Details below.

After that we’ll be hitting up the Friday night concerts which start at 8:30PM. We’ll then be meeting up at Uno Chicago Pizza on 731 Boylston Street at 10:30PM. Uno is a pretty nice place and the closest thing we’ve found to The Red Lion Hotel in Seattle.

Be sure to follow @CTZ (that’s me!), @SamitSarkar, community member @powerglove and @DtoidPAX2010 to be kept in the loop of all the going ons during PAX East!

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