(Update) Stardew Valley multiplayer comes to Switch this week

Don’t stay up playing past 2:00am

[Update: Developer ConcernedApe confirmed the update is now live on Switch. PS4/Xbox updates are “in-progress,” and the creator is doing “everything [he] can to have them ready as soon as possible.”]

Stardew Valley is about to get its long-awaited multiplayer update along with new single-player content on Nintendo Switch. The early Christmas present is set to go live on Wednesday, December 12.

You’ll be able to use your current save file or create a new farm for online multiplayer. Up to four players can coexist on a farm and everyone gets their own cabin. Here’s how it all works. “The state of the Stardew Valley game world, including the main storyline, is shared between all players on the farm, as well as the pool of money you accumulate. However, each player will have their own private inventories, skills, achievements, collections, individual relationships, quests, and crafting/cooking recipes.”

Oh, and players can marry each other. (How long until we see a real-world proposal?)

As for offline co-op, we’re limited. If you have more than one Switch, you can connect the consoles together (up to four total) for local multiplayer — but there isn’t a single-Switch split-screen option.

The new game content includes the critical ability to put a hat on your horse (!), a new Night Market that rolls into Pelican Town during the winter, more character-driven events, and loads of secrets.

As previously scheduled, PC and Switch are up first for co-op. Stardew Valley will add multiplayer support on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next. Creator Eric Barone says it’s his “top priority.”

Stardew Valley 1.3 (Multiplayer Update) is coming to Nintendo Switch this week [Stardew Valley]

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