(Update) Someone uncovered a secret Crash 4 logo tease that only appears when you reach 106% completion

A glimmer of hope in 2020

[Update: The very same intrepid user who found the logo also noted the “Wumpa League” banner in the background of a new Crash Bandicoot ad. A Crash Battle Royale is suggested as a possible spinoff/outcome from this cute little scavenger hunt. Again, bring on anything Crash. I’ll try it once! They could even use the Crash Bash name again.]

So Crash 4: It’s About Time is fairly manageable if you’re a platforming hound, but if you want to get the full 106% completion rate: good luck!

The extra content and time trial/limited life requirements are among the hardest activities I’ve played in 2020, and it looks like all those efforts do pay off; to some small degree. Sharing their discovery on Twitter, Kevin Fagaragan managed to uncover a secret logo that appears on the first level’s television set.

The kicker is that the logo only appears when you’ve reached the aforementioned percentage. Like all secrets that pop up out of nowhere the solution was crowdsourced, and it seems like it doesn’t work for a mere 100% completion rate: only 106%. It explains why it hasn’t been as widely known this far out from launch. It’s also a “blink and you’ll miss it” moment, as it only appears on the screen for a split-second after you cycle through all of the main entry logos.

So what is it? Well, a tease of a new game, some DLC, or a Super Smash Bros. appearance would all work for me. I’m just happy to see Crash back and actually relevant again with a good game.

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