(Update) Serious Sam 4 shotguns its way onto PC and Stadia this August

Am I the man, or am I the man?

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[Update: In a recent email to Kotaku, Devolver Digital has stated that Serious Sam 4 has timed Stadia exclusivity and will not be appearing on any other console until 2021.]

Serious Sam 4 has been baking in Croteam’s oven for quite some time now. The prequel got a posh trailer and subtitle back in 2018 when the developers were calling it Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass. Since then, the subtitle’s been dropped but the righteous action of the Serious Sam series remains intact. And you’ll be able to find out how sweet it is to kill hoards of demons this summer when Serious Sam 4 launches on PC and Google Stadia.

Croteam is promising “battlefields teeming with thousands of enemies” that will feature a mix of old creatures, like the Kleer and the Headless Kamikaze, and new creatures that include the Belcher and something called the Processed. The high number of grunts to gun down will be made possible by the Legion System explained in the trailer below. And you won’t have to kill ’em all by yourself as the game will feature four-play online co-op for the campaign.

Serious Sam 4 is available for pre-purchase now and will launch in August 2020. You can find several screenshots for the game in the gallery below. More information about the title can be found at the official site, including info on how you can get previous games in the series at big discounts. Currently, there is no word on when Serious Sam 4 will make the jump to consoles.

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