(Update) Sega will have an E3 stream on June 15 that will unveil news for ‘fans of Sonic the Hedgehog’

Will it be merch?

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[Update: Ha! It’s a contest for European Sonic fans to attend the San Diego 25th Anniversary Sonic party coming up in July. You need to send a video in on “why you’re the biggest Sonic fan.” Rules can be found here. Another announcement will be made at the party.]

Sega is teasing a special E3 stream tomorrow that will specifically deal with news for “EU fans of Sonic the Hedgehog,” streamed by Sega Europe. It’ll feature guests from Sonic Team and Relic Entertainment which could hint towards new game information, but with our luck, it’ll be something toy or TV show related.

Or maybe it’ll be a new Sonic Boom trailer. Can you tell I don’t have high hopes here? Feel free to tune in below at 11AM PT, 2PM ET on June 15 to find out!

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