[UPDATE] Rumortoid: Nintendo making a new HD Wii, will have a storage solution

In a fairly in-depth report from What They Play, it was been suggested that Nintendo is privately showing off a “complete refresh” of the Wii console that would include high-definition capability. A shadowy source that was consulted in the article revealed that the new console will arrive in 2011, right when first HD resolution television comes off factory presses.

The new Wii is being dubbed by developers as the “Wii HD” and is being looked at much like the transition from Gameboy to Gameboy Color. Wii HD will consist of all the previous staples of the regular Wii, right down to the lack of a reliable storage device even though more DLC is one of the alleged enhancements surrounding the console.

This rumor is based on a source person and an elaborate money trail that Nintendo has left behind in regards to research and development. Its only real substantiation is the source person. Regardless, Wii HD is certainly an interesting proposition.

Do you guys want a new Wii revision? Do you feel like it will be needed considering the amount of cash Nintendo will presumably continue to make on the casual console?

[via Gamepro]

[UPDATE: A man couldn’t be any more wrong. Thanks a bundle, Chad. I checked out the source again and read this passage:

…new system will feature some form of local storage medium such as a hard drive or large flash memory solution

So this means that I am an idiot AND according to the rumor, we may actually have a solution for our storage woes. Awesome.]

Brad BradNicholson