(Update) PSN malicious message bug may be soft-locking PlayStation 4 consoles

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Set your messages to Private

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[Update: Whilst there hasn’t been any clear statement on this irritating bug, Sony Support UK has tweeted out a solution should you find yourself a victim of the DM attack. If you encounter a soft-locked console, you should first delete the problematic message via the PlayStation mobile app, then restart your PS4 in Safe Mode, and select “Option 5” (Restore Database) to get yourself up and running again.]

Just a quick heads up, folks. There are reports buzzing around the internet, Reddit in particular, that PS4 owners are having their consoles soft-bricked via a bug that is sent through the Private Message system.

Some users are reporting that the bug kicks in when the offending message is read, while others are suggesting that you merely need to receive notification of the message in order to do the damage, with victims stating they had to perform a Factory Reset to regain control of their beloved black box.

So maybe it’s an idea to check in on your Privacy options and switch messages to “Friends Only” or “No-One” for now, until there is more information available about this story. The path to do this is as follows: Settings > Account Management > Privacy Settings  > Personal Info/Messaging. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

We now return you to your regularly scheduled weekend.

Reports that PSN messenger glitch is locking up PS4 consoles [Reddit]

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