(Update) Pokemon Go out now in certain countries

Australia, New Zealand, and USA so far

[Update: Pokémon Go is now available for download on the USA iTunes and Google Play stores — although if you want to sign up for a Pokémon Trainer Club account, you may be out of luck while the servers adjust to the load. If you’re not from Oceania or North America and you’re able to download the game, let us know in the comments below!]

Pokémon Go, arguably Nintendo’s most high-profile foray into the world of mobile gaming, is in the midst of a surprise launch. At press time, the game is available for iOS and Android in New Zealand and Australia, with the USA version currently limited to the Google Play store — although we’re receiving mixed responses from people as to whether the app will actually download. Nintendo has not indicated when the game will be launching in other territories. There’s also no word on a release date for the Poké Ball-shaped bluetooth dongle.

If you’re an American iPhone owner looking to walk off that post-July 4 hangover, I’d recommend checking this link to developer Niantic Labs’ App Store page. Pokémon Go is not currently available, but it’s safe to assume the game will appear there first.

I’m tentatively optimistic about this — I love the idea, but the app reportedly works off landmarks. Los Angeles is an enormous sprawl with too many different landmarks and not so many options for public transit, so I may be doing a lot of walking over the next couple days. Assuredly, someone from this website will drop some red-hot takes on Pokémon Go once we’ve had some hands-on time.

Pokémon Go is now rolling out for iOS and Android [The Verge]

Mike Cosimano