[UPDATE!] Overlord: Raising Hell contest winners announced!

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Hey everyone! Remember that contest we ran the other week? The one where you had to come up with creative headgear from items found around the house for a chance to win a PS3 copy of Overlord: Raising Hell?

Well, as usual, the Dtoid community brings the sauce. The decision making was tough, but listed below are the five winners of the contest (and their winning pics are shown after the jump). To everyone else that entered: thanks for the awesome entries. It wasn’t easy picking just five pictures out of all the entries, but our crack team of editors managed to pull it off. 


  • Roryzilla
  • riomccarthy
  • Video Cognito
  • ZombiePlatypus
  • sirjester

So, young winners, now would be the time to send in your contact info from the e-mail address you have on account with Destructoid, making sure to include your correct address and name. For anyone that missed the contest, check out the gallery attached for each and every contest entry. There are definitely some interesting entries.

[Update!!! The fine folks that were sponsoring the contest thought that EVERYONE did such an excellent job, that EACH OF YOU WHO ENTERED gets a copy of Overlord: Raising Hell for the PS3. The five original winners that were chosen will recieve a copy of GRiD for the PS3 as well. Are we happy now? Can we stop crying about the “around the house” thing already? You know I really love all of you, right? Just checking :)]

Roryzilla’s is seen above.


Video Cognito:



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