[Update] Nintendo takes on publishing duties for The Conduit

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The rumors were true! As revealed during Nintendo’s fall Media Summit today, The Conduit has finally been picked up by a publisher, and it’s going to be none other than the Big N itself.

Interestingly enough, Destructoid’s very own Jonathan Holmes recently wrote about how Nintendo of America could improve its image with its core audience, and one of the suggestions was for the company to publish The Conduit. Coincidence? I think not.

While The Conduit is in pre-alpha, the majority of the single-player portion of the game is finished content-wise and is now being polished with a Q1 2009 launch date in mind.

[Update: As it turns out, Cammie Dunaway accidentally said “first-party” when she meant to say “first-person” in reference to The Conduit. As it stands, the game is still publisher-less. Thanks for the heads up, Cowzilla3.]

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