(Update) Nintendo has closed all of their US repair service centers due to pandemic concerns

‘Our repair centers will remain closed until further notice’

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[Update: After closing up their US repair center program in late Match, Nintendo has announced that “some” of their repair centers are now coming back online as of May 28. The company is working on “gradually restarting services,” so locations that have your items might be shipping them out soon, and you should be able to send out your broken products in the near future.]

As global pandemic concerns continue to mount, Nintendo is taking part of its operation offline this week, as they’ve just closed their US repair service centers.

While gaming has been a much-needed respite in this current climate the safety of employees is more important, so they’re being closed until further notice. If you’ve already sent your hardware in or are about to, there’s some things you should know first: thankfully, Nintendo has provided a helpful FAQ.

For starters, if you’re sending a product now, it might be returned as “undeliverable,” so don’t do that. If you have a product sitting there now in a service center, it will “remain there until repair services resume.” When everything goes back to normal, this page will be updated. Nintendo says repair orders will remain for “180 days,” but will honor expired warranties during the closure.

It’s a rough situation out there for everyone: stay safe! And hopefully, indoors.

Important Information About Repair Service Center Closures [Nintendo]

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