(Update) Mythical Pokemon Zarude will be distributed outside of Japan

No, not the Sandstorm creator

[Update: US plans have been announced, and thankfully, they do not seem to involve going to GameStop. The official site for the Zarude distribution notes: “Sign up for the Pokémon Trainer Club newsletter, opt in to email marketing by November 20, and then watch for a special email with a password to add the Pokémon to your game.”

If you’re in a different region, scroll all the way down the bottom of the page and click the little block that shows “United States.” Change it to your country and you will get different instructions.]

It’s been around nine months since Zarude was announced for Pokemon Sword and Shield, but getting him has been troublesome. No doubt the current state of the world put the kibosh on distribution events: including the very event that it was supposed to debut at.

Yep, the “Rogue Monkey” was originally going to be a bonus for the next Pokemon film, but that event was further delayed. The good news is that Europe is starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel, which means that North America can’t be too far behind.

Serebii.net has uncovered the next distribution event for Sword and Shield, which involves Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. This time around you’ll need a TCG code from the Vivid Voltage set: a promotion that is going on from November 13 to December 13. Hmmm, “going to GameStop,” or dealing with TCG code distribution? What’s more ideal?

I got it! Just make it a mystery gift that everyone can pick up in the safety of their own home and end this madness.

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