(Update) Mafia: Trilogy looks like one offer we can’t refuse

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[Update: Listings for Mafia and Mafia II have appeared on the Microsoft storefront.]

The sudden revival of the Mafia Twitter account led to a lot of theories about remasters and remakes. Today, we learned what it is all about. All three games in the franchise will be combined for Mafia: Trilogy.

More information on the title will come on May 19. All we know right now is it’ll release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Steam, and Epic Games Store.

The original Mafia released almost 20 years ago on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. With the title being that old, I’m curious to see how the developer will take advantage of modern hardware to improve the look of the game. Mafia II landed about five years later on the PS3 and Xbox 360, with Mafia III hitting current-gen systems in 2016. There is a distinct lack of gangster-themed games on the market, so the more Tommy guns, the merrier.

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